The Foldable Pull Up Bar for fitness lovers and growing children's parents is the stand-alone pull-up bar. They significantly increase adult users' upper body strength and raise children's height.

When purchasing such equipment for home usage, consumers search for a foldable, Foldable pull-up bar that is simple to use and store when not in use. Also, customers seeking to purchase it desire a handle-friendly, long-lasting, lightweight bar.

Describe the portable pull-up bar.

A form of pull-up bar called a portable pull-up bar is made to be conveniently moved and put up in various areas. Portable pull-up bars are easier to install and disassemble than typical ones fastened to walls or doorways, making them perfect for usage at home, at the office, or even while traveling.

Often, steel or aluminum, which are both lightweight and strong, is used to make portable pull-up bars. They frequently have a telescopic design that makes changing to accommodate various openings or areas easy to change. With features like changeable height settings and weather-resistant construction, some portable pull-up bars are also made to be used outside.

Why is the portable pull-up bar from Khanh Trinh unique?

Let's talk about what makes the Khanh Trinh portable pull-up bar unique. It would be beneficial to go with our free-standing pull-up bar for several reasons.

We promise to provide our customers with the best quality we can. The kt pull-up bar differs from typical pull-up bars for the following reasons.

  • It's simple to raise.
  • Strong pull-up bar made by Khanh Trinh
  • It can be changed to suit the comfort level of the user.
  • There are three varieties of portable pull-up bars.
  • It has a variety of applications.
  • Portable pulley system

Lifting the Portable Pull Up Bar is simple.

Unlike conventional pull-up bars, our portable bar is simple to lift. Hence, if you believe

Strong Khanh Trinh Portable Pull Up Bar

Because we understand how crucial it is to protect our backs, our pull-up bar is constructed of durable materials. If you use our pull-up bars, you won't have to worry about tripping and injuring your back.

It can be changed to suit the comfort level of the user.

The main feature of our pull-up bars is that they are delivered in an unassembled state and may be easily adjusted by the user. The Free Standing pull-up bar can be adjusted to fit your body size.

There are three varieties of portable pull-up bars.

We offer our users the following three varieties to select one that fits their height and body type.

  • large users
  • for users of aerial

large users

We provide a pull-up bar ideally sized for large customers weighing less than 440.9 pounds. 200 cm in height roughly. It can support a maximum weight of 771.6 lbs.

The entire weight of this product is approximately 63.93 lbs.; after delivery, it rises to 68.34 kg. A strong user is working out while its height increases to 258 cm to allow you to work out effectively.

for users of aerial

This yoga stand is appropriate for anyone under 220 pounds and no taller than 200 cm. With a height of 260 cm, the maximum load capacity is 440.9 pounds. The product now weighs 51.81 lbs after shipment, up from 46.29 lbs.